LETTER: Conservative leader reaction after being voted off Wakefield Council

Firstly thanks ever so much for the kind words and encouragement that I have received from so many people.

It looks very much as if I have been victim of the national trend. In Pontefract a number of voters used their votes presumably to see a different sort of local councillor.

Well they certainly achieved that and by voting UKIP all that happened is that we now have six members of the Labour controlling group representing Pontefract instead of five.

The reality at this election was vote UKIP get Labour. I hope that our Labour councillors find their voices and turn the volume up for Pontefract to see that we get the resources that are needed for the town’s survival. It is certainly time that they did.

For the 1,433 who voted with me, I really appreciate your vote of confidence. I promise that if I should get the chance I will do my best to stick up for Pontefract whenever and wherever I can.

It has been a privilege to serve the people of Pontefract but now, after eight years, the electorate have given me the opportunity to take it easy for a while, that said, please say hello if you see me around.

Geoff Walsh

Carleton Gate,