Letter - Contradictions in new road plan

Just seen the proposed new road layout display in Pontefract town hall and, oh dear, here we go again, Town End all over again.

The new road to join straight onto Ladybalk Lane through a gated access - whatever that means - pedestrian controlled lights outside the post office on a road that to the best of my knowledge does not have a problem with people crossing. The speed limit then drops to 20mph with a chicane immediately after, two more “pinch points” further down to a set of traffic lights at the junction with Monkhill Lane.

If the speed limit is dropped to 20mph why are pinch points and a chicane nessessary, how slow do they want us to go, why not bring the man with the red flag back.

Pinch points and 20mph limits on Monkhill Drive and Avenue also, now that I can understand to discourage people cutting through the estate but if also on Ladybalk Lane why not cut through and miss the traffic lights?

Then we come to new traffic lights outside the Railway Hotel and again at Mill Dam/North Baileygate junction, then again at the junction with Knottingley Road and another set at the bottom of Baghill Lane.

This is supposed to improve traffic flow! Will be very interesting to see how they are going to resolve the problem of traffic coming out from Aldi etc. and immediately wanting to turn right into North Baileygate, probably the biggest reason traffic backs up at the moment.

Hope the two sets of lights on Knottingley Road will be “phased” together unlike those on Aire Street in Castleford where upon the first set going green the second set not many yards down the road go red leading to queues beyond the roundabout at the Aire St./Bridge St. junction.

Similary the light outside the Airedale Hotel causing traffic to back up all the way down Holywell Lane and into Glass Houghton at peak times, presumably unable to learn from their mistakes WMDC now want to inflict a further five sets of traffic lights within a half mile stretch of road.

The ironic part of all this is WMDC say the new road will improve things at Town End, but end the display in the town hall with the comment that estimated traffic volume in the Ladybalk area is expected to be low.

If that’s the case why the 20mph limit, pinch points and chicane? In fact if traffic is going to be low why the new road?

Paul Pocklington

Sandhill Rise