Letter - Cost is not in cash alone

I read with disgust the article about Kevin Sharp and the fact that he may never work again (Express, Dec 5).

It is obvious that his employers were to blame yet they are only given what appears to be a paltry fine of £8,000, while the cost to Kevin cannot be measured in money alone. There is the distress to him and his family, the uncertainty of what the future holds.

Surely there must be some way of making the companies pay the injured party the equivalent of their wages until a settlement is reached. This in addition to providing rehabilitation and where possible retraining in other than manual work.

Some may say the system may be milked but had care been taken in the first place then Kevin Sharp and others suffering similar experiences would not be where they are now.

The main question though is how many more companies will get away lightly.

For the future I wish Kevin well and hope that he does find something.

Trevor Wainwright

Lower Oxford Street