Letter - Deja vu?

After reading about Councillor Steve Tulley in last week’s Express, I should like to write in support of him.

When my daughter died six years ago, my husband and I took our grandchildren to live with us.

Councillor Tulley helped us with all the paperwork we had to deal with.

When we had meetings with social workers Steve came with us. Thank goodness he did!

As grandparents we did not fit into any of the criteria, and without Steve we would not have got any help.

The social workers would have walked all over us, and just left us to it.

We have to challenge the overbearing social workers as they were not at all helpful to our situation.

We had to go through an appeal procedure, and they ruled in our favour and apologised unreservedly.

Now he is helping someone else, and being punished for it.

Is this a case of deja vu?

I do not believe Steve is a bully, or was being aggressive.

Keep up the good work Councillor Tulley.

Don’t let them grind you down. We are behind you.

Jean Downs

Minsthorpe Lane

South Elmsall