LETTER: Disillusioned with our MP

Yvette Cooper MP
Yvette Cooper MP

I fully support the dismay aimed at our ”wonderful” MP, Yvette Cooper, about her denying the wishes of HER electorate, by supporting the Remainers in Brexit.

That is disgraceful. It begs the question — just what has she done for her constituency? Answer — very little.

She has forgotten that she voted in the House of Commons, to close Hardwick Road Post Office. Once she got wind of the public opinion she supported the non-closure without ever confessing just how she voted in the Commons! However, she took credit when it stayed open.

Then it was decided to close PGI and replace it. Sadly with a clinic. Also we were forced to take a loan out to pay for it at the Labour Government’s insistence! A loan which will be paying forever.

We were told we would have a birthing unit forever, but that’s on the verge of closing. Not to worry Yvette’s on the case, she’ll soon sort it - NOT.

The only time we see her in Ponte is when someone takes a camera out!

She should be deselected and replaced with someone who supports his/her electorate 24/7. I won’t hold my breath.

Brian Day, Pontefract