Letter - Economic insanity

With regard to your coverage of the Kellingley miners’ vote last week, the government then announced a £10m loan to UK Coal to fund a ‘managed run-down’ of the last two deep coal mines in England including Kellingley Colliery.

Yet, we have also seen three exhibitions being held (one each in Drax, Selby and Goole) about the ‘White Rose Carbon Capture & Storage Project’.

This project is a proposal to build a 426 megawatt coal-fired (yes, that is coal-fired!) power station adjacent to the existing Drax Power Station that will use carbon capture and storage to ensure the clean burning of the coal.

So at the same time as the UK is looking at the clean burning of coal the very pit that currently provides two million tons of the stuff to the existing Drax Power Station is going to be, with the blessing of our ridiculous government, run down and shut.

And, any new modern coal-fired power station built will be fuelled by imported foreign coal. This is economic and environmental insanity.

Mary McCartney

Selby District Councillor

Eggborough Ward