Letter - Fight on for your beliefs

It amazes me and probably many more how Yvette Cooper can come out of the shadows and sing out loud what this Conservative government should be doing to save the last of the British coal mines.

Labour was in power for 13 years. In that time what finger did they lift to safe guard our mining industry, nothing.

To safeguard the future of mining in Britain the mines that were left should have been re-nationalised when Labour was in power. That would have been a solid commitment to safeguarding not only our mining industry but our own energy source. But alas that didn’t happen as they were too busy chasing policies that would leave the country in tatters.

I am sure Yvette can regale the Express readers as to why the last Labour government sat by and left the miners high and dry during the last Labour term. Or will it be case that it was the European Union’s fault, the same European Union that the Labour party will not give us a referendum on.

To all the guys at Kellingley keep fighting for what you believe in. It’s just a pity that the government in power now doesn’t care and the last Labour government didn’t care.

K Myatt (ex-miner)

Midgley Rise