Letter - Get nest boxes for the birds

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L Young’s letter re the eviction of swifts from the roof spaces of houses where they have nested for many years struck a chord with me as I too look forward to seeing the swifts return year after year to older houses nearby to nest and rear their young.

Seeing swifts wheeling and screaming against a cloudless blue sky is sight to behold. I have seen swifts this year, but not as many, the houses nearby have also been reroofed and I can only assume that the few that are owner occupied are where the swifts still are.

All is not lost however. If anyone wants to help our swifts, sparrows, starlings to keep breeding and be around for our children’s children, nest boxes are available from the RSPB that can be fixed to suitable sites under eaves etc where the birds would naturally choose to nest.

They are available on their website or pay a visit to the Old Moor RSPB Reserve Shop, near the Cortonwood Retail Park. I am intending to fit some for next year’s breeding season - I just need someone with a tall enough ladder!

If readers are interested in helping nature in general, I suggest they check out ‘Vote for Bob’ he’s a red squirrel campaigning for our politicians take ‘nature’ more seriously.

Mrs E Jackson

Ings Holt

South Kirkby