Letter - Get the managers back to basics

On May 1, the Express carried a story about the removal of three executive directors from the board of Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust.

The emphasis was on the saving of three quarter of a million pounds in salaries, employer’s National Insurance contributions and pension contributions a year.

What will be the cost to the trust in redundancy payments to the three this year? People on gross salaries of something like £3,000 a week (£700,000 divided by three then again by 52, allowing something of the quoted amount being employer’s costs) do not recognise they are no longer needed and go quietly or cheaply.

How many more executive directors, with no direct involvment in the core NHS activity of treating and caring for patients, are still in post with the same sort of salaries detracting from rather than contributing to patient services?

It would also be interesting to know, in comparison, how many medical and medico technical staff with similar salaries the trust employs.

The private sector style of management and over-remuneration of senior managers has been with the NHS since Thatcher’s time. Surely after 35 years of crisis and worsening service as a result it is time to scrap the whole method of mismanaging hospitals and get the managers back to being administrators rather than overpaid lords of all they survey.

Or have things like Stafford Hospital not taught politicians anything?

Roy Smith

Windermere Road