LETTER: How can you justify the closure of Beacon House in Upton?

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In reply to Kevin Dodds (chief Executive, Wakefield District Housing) letter in your edition of Thursday, June 26, I would appreciate it if you could please give consideration to printing the following observations:-

1. “.......However, the needs of older and vulnerable people in Wakefield are changing, and it is not solely WDH’s responsibility to make sure that our Independent Living properties continue to be used as they were intended......”. What does he mean by “not solely WDH’s responsibility? Who else is responsible besides WDH for Independent Living accommodation in Upton?

Is it Wakefield Council? If so, why didn’t the local councillors know about the proposal to close Beacon House? If it isn’t Wakefield Council then who else Is responsible? Is there some “hidden” agenda here? Can Mr Dodd please let us know who else/what criteria has influenced his decision to close Beacon House?

2. “.....In the meantime, we remain committed to offering tenants of Beacon House every support and assistance......”This is questionable because up to present the tenants have had no further formal contact since the first meeting when they were told Beacon House was to close! How and what support is Mr Dodd referring to because, as far as we can ascertain, there are no Independent Living accommodation vacancies for the tenants of Beacon House to move in to.

3. “......and providing accommodation at Beacon House that meets the needs of Upton and the surrounding areas”. We would like to know what Mr Dodds means by this contradictory statement? How can he provide accommodation at Beacon House that meets the needs of Upton when it is his intention to close it?

Finally, when repeated political promises outline the urgent need for the provision of homes for all levels of society how can WDH justify the closure of Beacon House and stop the care it provides for an ageing increasing population.

Also, how can WDH reconcile the closure of Beacon House with its mission statement “WDH is much more than bricks and mortar.........we are committed to improving the lives of our tenants by creating confident communities - which goes beyond providing a roof over peoples heads........and provide tailored services to help people live independently in their own home, for as long as possible.”

Margaret & David Alderson