LETTER: I might not vote in next election

For the first time since I was able to vote ( I am now aged 65) I am considering the unthinkable and pondering on abstaining in the next general election.

When all three establishment parties concoct in secret a deal to snoop on our private lives, do I live in Stalinist Russia or Mao’s China I wonder? We live in the 21st century and outdated surveillance of the individual belongs in a spy book.

Who ordered the Labour party leader and front bench to tow the Conservative line? I am pretty sure it was not the trade unions. So will the people’s party open up and tell us all who did before the thought police come knocking at our doors?

I thought of signing this letter ‘Winston Smith’ or will we all be doing this when we write to the Express or other media outlets in the not too distant future?

Michael Ashman

Willow Court

Smawthorne Estate