Letter: It’s an utter joke!

Referring to the article in the Express regarding free parking around the area, does anyone else think this is a joke?

What is the point of free parking from 3pm on a Thursday afternoon? There is no point at all as seeing as the shops close at 5.30pm, it doesn’t give people much time to get their Christmas shopping sorted. To anyone who works full time, this is pointless altogether.

Why not give free parking on the few Saturdays at least, leading up to Christmas? This would benefit more people and maybe get shoppers in from other areas.

We visit Barnsley on a regular basis on a Saturday and they offer free parking in the multi-storey car park EVERY Saturday, not just Christmas. We go there knowing we can shop in the town, grab a bite to eat and not have to worry about dashing back to the car or to be pumping money in the meters.

White Rose, Meadowhall, Trafford Centre all offer free parking. In Castleford or Five Towns, no chance.

Jenny Riding