Letter - ‘Leave our swimming pools alone’

I address this letter to all who are concerned about the closure of Knottingley, Pontefract and Castleford swimming pools, but mainly to the councillors who wish to carry out this action.

I find that swimming has many health benefits, as someone told me many years ago that you exercise every bone in your body.

Whether this is true or not it is a very healthy form of exercise.

Fitness in this day and age is a essential part of living and being able to swim on a regular basis gives you a better chance of staying well and out of hospital.

Also it is vital in certain situations where people who cannot swim get into difficulty in deep water.

How often do we hear of children drowning where there has been no adult supervision or help.

The swimming pools provide help to many; children, mums and dads, other adults, the disabled and old age pensioners, etc.

They have regular timetables for swimming, exercise classes, arthritis exercise, training, sport, and swimming clubs, plus other items I may have missed.

Remember keeping fit reduces the need for visits to the doctor or hospital, all of which put strain on our present much-weakened NHS.

Councillors and any other members of WMDC, please look at the terrifically large amount of housing that you have given planning permission for and which is going up in this area.

What about the community facilities? You are proposing to get rid of them!

I am sure that other areas also are under the same pressure.

The pools in question often get very full, as well as running a timetable for the schools.

I personally believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn to swim.

To build one new pool to replace three does not make any sense at all.

We are going back 70 years when one pool was enough, not forward with the tremendous increase in population.

Also important is the fact that the pools are well spaced for the area (apart from Minsthorpe which also has its problems); making it easy for people to access their local pool.

The name ‘leisure activities’ creates an impression of relaxation and happiness.

Perhaps Wakefield MDC should find a new name or section for what I’d call ‘essential services’.

Our swimming pools are there for health, fitness, pain relief, teaching and competition.

All of this is what is needed in our present society.

Please leave our swimming pools alone, they are important and well used.

Nial Whittingham

Ridgedale Mount