Letter - Let’s open up local buildings

Castleford Civic Trust is an organisation set up to express the pride residents have in their town.

In addition to unveiling blue plaques and encouraging seasonal displays in shop windows, we take part in the annual heritage open days.

The point of the open days is to allow people to visit for free, or for a voluntary donation to charity, a building in the town that is not usually open to the public or to look behind the scenes of a building that is.

The building can be open for any length of time from a couple of hours to the entire day. Volunteers from the civic trust take part. In recent years we have hosted open days at the former school at Whitwood Mere and the fire station.

For next year’s open day, in September, the trust would like to open up the procedure also.

We would like to hear from readers which buildings they would like to visit and to hear from owners who would be willing to take part in the heritage day.

Coun Tony Wallis

Vice Chair Castleford Civic Trust

Weetworth Avenue