Letter - Let’s talk some sense

In reply to Coun Box’s letter dated March 6 2014.

He states “Fact rather than opinion” to Mr K Nicholls.

Here are NO2 readings for five years from Town End junction (no data available for 2012–13): 2007 - 51; 2008 - 55; 2009 - 60; 2010 - 55, 2011 - 55.

The council’s air quality action plan stated that WMDC should look to reduce No2 levels by 39 per cent.

The Wakefield Council website states: “Clean air is an essential ingredient for a healthy environment supporting a high quality of life and the people of the district should expect that the air they breathe is safe and clean and will have no harmful effect on their health, which is part of the UK Government’s strategic policy on air quality as set out in Part IV of 1995 Environment Act”.

So I put this to Coun Box.

Fact 1: Wakefield Council has a duty to ensure that pollution levels are monitored. Fact 2: Figures at Town End continuing to show very high levels of NO2, which are well above DEFRA recommendations. Fact 3: Heavy traffic congestion at Town End.

Wakefield Council are failing the people of Pontefract, high traffic volumes through Town End giving high NO2 levels. As the leader of a £1bn empire, what plans does he have to help reduce traffic and improve air quality?

I haven’t let my opinion get in the way of fact, so a sensible reply from a sensible man would be much appreciated.

Mick Godfrey

Ackworth Road