Letter: Letter box disappeared

On Friday morning last I went to post a letter in my usual post box at the end of my street; one which I have used for the last 60-odd years and that was put in the wall when the houses were built on Featherstone Lane in the 1880s.

I was quite proud of the fact that we still had a post box with VR impressed in the cast iron box.

Well talk about a disappearing act; not only was there no letter box but the wall had been bricked in.

I looked around for its replacement, no it was not hiding, looked for any messages telling of its discontinuation, none to be seen anywhere.

I trundled off home thinking wouldn’t it have been nice it the Royal Mail would have just informed the locals they were about to lose their post box. (I for one would have liked it to go to a museum).

M H Bingley

Gordon Street