Letter - Loving care at Pinderfields Hospital

I would like to tell you about the loving care and concern given to my husband when he was on Ward 21 at Pinderfields Hospital.

Everyone, without exception, gave him the very best of care often over and above what was expected.

The Haematology consultants and all their medical colleagues, visiting consultants from other specialities, the nursing team, the Palliative care team, the cleaning, housekeeping and administrative staff all treated us as individuals, did not patronise and were clear and honest in all our interactions.

Every effort was made to control the progress of the disease, sadly to no avail. We were impressed with how he was treated with care and respect despite his illness making him really difficult to deal with.

All the staff were invariably cheerful, empathetic and helpful to the whole family.

It is a mark of a good team that it can take in new staff and they are able to adopt the ethos of the ward at short notice.

This was particularly obvious when he had to have a Health Care assistant at his side at all times. Often these were staff not usually working on Ward 21.

We know he was not an easy patient, especially at night, so those young people deserve praise, as do the experienced staff who have set up and maintained a good working environment which allowed.

Anne Donaldson (on behalf of Sally Donaldson, Lucy Donaldson, Ian Goodhew and Dave Bates)

Lynwood Crescent