Letter - My pool concerns remain

cartoon to run alongside Niall Whittingham letter on pool closures
cartoon to run alongside Niall Whittingham letter on pool closures

Again I am concerned about the proposed closure of Knottingley, Pontefract and Castleford swimming pools. I hope that councillors will have second thoughts about the difficulties that could occur with many people who use the swimming pools regularly for keeping healthy, out of hospital, regular exercise and ease of access to a local pool.

Remember, keeping fit reduces the need for visits to the doctor or hospital, all of which puts strain on our present much-weakened National Health Service and GP surgeries.

One outstanding concern, as indicated by the cartoon, is the effect that with Pontefract Pool many people who go for a swim also continue this with shopping in the town centre of Pontefract. I am sure that many traders and associated organisations will be concerned at the possible loss of trade.

Fitness in this day and age is an essential part of living and being able to swim on a regular basis gives you a better chance of staying well and out of hospital. Also it is vital in certain situations where people who cannot swim get into difficulty in deep water. How often do we hear of children drowning where there has been no adult supervision or help.

Increase in families, due to the large expanse of housing under development is bound to cause an increased requirement for swimming facilities. To remove this will be a big problem for the population.

The service of the swimming pools provide help to many - children, mums and dads, other adults, the disabled and old age pensioners etc. I trust that all councillors and any other members of our Wakefield Council will realise the need to keep these individual pools open and in use.

Niall Whittingham

Ridgedale Mount