Letter - Pool closures are repeat of history

Wakefield Council’s thoughts and ideas about the closure of Castleford, Pontefract and Knottingley baths brings back horrific memories of almost three decades ago when the Tories decimated the mining industry.

They weren’t interested about the effects on people’s lives, communities and families. Doesn’t the council realise what they are attempting will have the same effect on thousands of ordinary people’s lives, who use these three baths on a daily basis seven days each week.

Is this the case of history repeating itself?

I doubt if Wakefield Council even looked beyond the blinkers they obviously wear. How on earth can one swimming pool replace three?

We have 18 lanes at the moment. The new one will have ten lanes. How do they propose to accommodate all the people into one pool? You don’t need to be Einstein to figure out that three into one just won’t fit.

According to recent reports it’s going to cost £13.6 for a new centre which we don’t need. Plough that money into what we already have, the buildings are already in place. Refurbish and if need be extend the ones that are there and keep the dedicated staff in full employment.

At the moment the council is unsure where it will be built and who will run it. Is the cost of the land where it will be built calculated into the £13.6m?

I urge the council to really consider the effect on people’s lives. They range from the very, very young to the elderly, schoolchildren, people who have mobility problems, swimming clubs, people who swim because it improves their way of life, they make new friends.

If the council closes these baths, all that will be lost.

Norman Hopton

Lumley Mount