Letter - Progress on buildings being made despite hospital vandals

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Could I please ask Mr S Eames, Chief Executive, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals, how much longer the board is going to allow the buildings to decay and be vandalised that now stand empty and belonged to the old Pontefract General Infirmary.

As I and other patients have to attend the current Pontefract hospital for clinic appointments it is most upsetting to see these buildings that have been left to go to rack and ruin by this board of directors and apparently nobody cares.

When I last attended an appointment at this hospital I wondered how the people who have their homes situated around this hospital felt every morning when they leave their homes and look out day after day at these buildings and land that is now an eyesore.

I sincerely hope that all these residents have a reduction in their council tax which is paid for out of the personal pockets of the board of directors of the Mid Yorkshire Hospital.

Perhaps the money it makes form the extremely expensive telephone numbers 0844 881 8110 could go towards this. Let us know your intentions Mr Eames.

S Garnham

Wrights Lane


Iain Brodie, general manager of facilities at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We can now say the former south side buildings, which included the Maternity Unit, are now approved for disposal and the Trust has appointed marketing agents to work with the local authority planners on appropriate and suitable uses for the site.

“It is regrettable that our hospital building has been heavily vandalised and the Trust has taken a number of measures to protect the property from further unauthorised access.

“Buildings on the north of the site which include the Southgate building which incorporates the Hermitage are being taken through a planning process to return them to their original 19th century layout.

“As part of this work, the Trust will remove some of the later additions to create a building of historic interest to complement the Hermitage, landscape works to the sloping site to the rear of the building will also be part of the programme of work.”