Letter: rail services are not satisfactory

As the rail experts state, our local rail services have been unsatisfactory for some time. And they terminate in the wrong place.

To which I expect the usual comment from the ‘service managers’, “It can’t be done!” Which is untrue as our Victorian forebears did it!

Today we have too many who regard the status quo as sacrosanct. Once hourly services may be acceptable in rural areas like from Knottingley to Doncaster or Goole. Populous industrial towns need at least two trains per hour Monday to Saturday. And a better service on Sundays than the present neglect until 10am!

It would be better if half the services that currently terminate in Knottingley went on to Goole. Or better still onwards to Hull. And the other half also continue to Doncaster. Although this line, unlike the Goole one, has no stations.

Today few of these villages have post offices and even fewer have shops or pubs. And since Doncaster and Goole planners have moved retailers away from their stations there are opportunities and possibly jobs for our area.

Our biggest problem is Tory-inspired Selby District which rules the area of the Goole line and part of the Doncaster line.

William J Houlder

Queens Avenue