Letter: Road layout near park is ‘chaotic’

In response to the article on page 5 of last week’s Pontefract and Castleford Express, I have to agree totally with the article, the powers that be in Wakefield have dumped a chaotic road layout alongside Pontefract park which will lead to an accident, today being a prime example.

After using the underpass and exiting on Jubilee Way I had to then try and get across into the right hand lane to go straight on. This would be nearly impossible at busier times of the day. Then, after getting into the correct lane I stopped at the lights, when I set off the car in the left turn only lane went straight on cutting me up (after having additional road marking installed).

In addition to this madness we now have a brilliant new link road which can only be accessed from one direction.

I dread to see what mess they make of the new roundabouts they are installing at the south end of Jubilee Way.

My advice to anyone using this section of road is keep your wits about you as you can’t assume the drivers around know which lanes they need to be in.

Rob Davies

Banbury Road