LETTER: Save green belt land in Castleford

I write as a concerned Glass Houghton resident with regards to the community stadium /shopping development.

I understand that Castleford Tigers would like a new home, but why should it be at the cost of what little green belt land the area has left?

With the regeneration starting next year of the old Pontefract pit site, with the construction of more than 900 houses, the infrastructure can not sustain this development as well.

Now that Hicksons is closed would it not be better to redevelop the existing site and keep the shops in town, rather than taking trade away from our already struggling town centres?

If this is not possible and a new location is required, why can it not be put, as originally planned, on land that is needing regenerating on the old pit site as there is plenty of space up there for all of this development and more. With access from the M62 and rail links already in place, it would be less detremental to the environment and the quality of life for the local residents.

Susan Richards

Stainburn Avenue