Letter - Save money by using same site

I was part of the management team at Minsthorpe swimming pool from 1977 until 1993 and I continued to use the pool regularly until its closure in April last year.

I am therefore familiar with all aspects of the building, its functions and operation.

It seems to me that a financial saving could be made if the new pool was built on the same site as the old one. This could be achieved by incorporating some parts of the old building into the new one.

For example the excellent learner pool appears to be still in good condition as do the sauna and steam room facilities. The changing rooms look as good as those in other pools in the district. The filtration plant room and boiler house appear to be sound and there is an excellent large car park in existence.

Furthermore a 33⅓ metre long swimming pool was never necessary as other pools in the area have 25 metre long pools which have proved to be quite adequate.

A depth of 10 feet is also unnecessary unless diving boards are installed.

Trevor Moxon

Meadow Court

South Elmsall