LETTER - ‘School parking review is needed’

Last week’s article by Sam Cooper about parking near De Lacy Primary School once again raised the important issue of road safety and parking near schools across the district.

I live near Larks Hill Primary School and I have been raising my concerns about road safety for several years. I even told the full council cabinet meeting which was held at Pontefract Town hall last September chaired by Peter Box that in my opinion a multi agency review of parking and road safety near to all schools in the district was needed.

So I would ask the majority of drivers who park legally and with care near to schools to tell your local councillor, schools and policing team if you share my views.

To those motorists who continue to park without thought near to schools all I can say is do you really want to live with the knowledge that where you parked your car was one of the contributing factors to a child being injured or killed, just so that you didn’t have to walk another few yards.

I know I wouldn’t.

David Reevell

Larks Hill