Letter - The truth about our pit closures

So we now know that there was a plan to wreck the coal-mining economy of the UK in 1984 and put nothing significant in its place in industrial Yorkshire.

We also know that the planning for that confrontation dated back a year and was not the subject of debate in Ministries, before Parliamentary Committees or on the floor of the Commons.

We now know that the Miners Union was right when they said that 70 pits would quickly close and that such a move should be resisted. We also know that when McGregor, the man in charge, sent letters to miners saying that he knew nothing of this, he was lying.

The 1984/5 coal strike taught us all a number of lessons. One was that working men, and the women who supported them, get prison records for relatively minor misdemeanors when they seek to protect their livelihood but bankers who manipulate bank rates to their own advantage and cripple economies are reprimanded, apologise and are not imprisoned.

We also know that if you believe that it is better to buy in Russian coal than produce it, you are as foolish as those who say that ‘we are all in this together’.

Also if you sell the the family silver of transport, civic housing stock and essential social services onto the businessmen the social profits drop like a stone but bonus culture flourishes.

Brian Lewis

Linden Terrace