Letter - Warning had been given

Well, where to start! First of all, what an absolute disgrace that all three swimming pools in our area are threatened with closure.

What happened to the Olympic Legacy which our MPs and the Prime Minister love spouting about?

Secondly, I was rather surprised to read that Yvette Cooper is blaming the Coalition for budgets cuts, when it was a Labour council under a Labour government which actually published a report six years ago, stating that Knottingley Swimming Pool was at the end of its useful life and would ultimately be closed down under a 5-6 year plan!

At the time I was incensed at the prospect of losing our pool and I started a campaign to raise awareness and a petition to bring the matter to people’s attention.

I delivered the petition to Yvette Cooper’s office, though I never heard anything else from her on the subject.

I also informed the Pontefract and Castleford Express, who ran an article on it.

The pool closure wasn’t imminent, but the threat was very clear and printed in black and white. Back then I phoned Lisa Dodds at Wakefield Council who told me that yes the pool would ultimately shut and that provision had already been made to build a new Leisure Pool at Glasshoughton.

So, have you ever tried getting in and out of the Xscape area at weekends? It’s an absolute nightmare already, without the added attraction of a Fun/Leisure Pool for the whole country to use.

There are so many things wrong with this proposal to shut down three local pools and build a new one.

What will happen to the clubs which are currently based at Knottingley Pool - Swimming Club, Sub Aqua, Canoe Club and Synchronised?

Will it actually be feasible to accommodate all these clubs with all the additional use the pool will get from the general public who travel from fare and wide to use the facilities at Xscape.

What about the local schools who have lesson times allocated over the three existing pols? How will a timetable for that leave any time for the general public who wish to go and simply swim!

I personally use Knottingley Pool every week, both as a swimmer and a committee member for Knottingley Swimming Club.

On all occasions the pool is very well used, including the small pool; the only one for our area, I might mention, which runs a Mother and Baby Group.

What has gone wring with this country that we can no longer afford to keep libraries and swimming pools?

We are all still paying our taxes to the government and our council tax to the local council. What are they doing with our money?

Mrs R M McConnachie

Lamb Inn Road