Letter - Water power is the way to go

We in this country have and are having to put up with energy prices that are getting out of hand and control, just to fill the pockets with profits to the outsiders of our country with ever increasing bonuses to share holders and heads of our energy producers.

Surely in this day and age of technology, we can produce economical generating stations to allow the closure of at least 4 coal fired power stations because of their constant carbon emissions and the fact this government is looking to build nuclear in their place, with all the hazardous radio active waste they produce placed in the hands of the French, Germans or any other country but our own, noting that the Fuckashima plant in Japan was, I believe, French design?

Thinking ahead people and ministers, could look at our constant running rivers, which could support water driven turbine power stations built along the rivers path at strategic points that could fill our need for energy at practically no cost to produce the energy we need.

These stations could and would replace all our power stations if the mind set of any government is to try and ease our energy bills the cost of producing energy would be minimal but maintenance issues basically would have to be paid for and the wages of those who run these stations.

The then energy barons can then close their out-of-date power stations and go back home from where they come from leaving our Power generating stations owned by the people and a national generating board, resulting in the profits for the benefit of this country.

It makes sense to count the cost of the nuclear projects and the storing of nuclear waste against such energy generating water turbine station, instead of hundreds of wind power stations blighting our country and coastal waters that could be at the mercy of terrorist attack. How many of the water turbines on our rivers could be built for one nuclear station and the jobs it could create on these projects instead of driving into wind and nuclear and some gas and oil fired stations and possibly put a stop to fracking in this country and the chemicals they use in retrieving the gas we want and need for power stations.

Mr P D Roper

Little Lane