Letter - West Yorkshire Police are open for business in Castleford

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Having read Mrs Leese’s letter, I wanted to place on record that West Yorkshire Police in Castleford are very much open for business.

The relocation of the neighbourhood policing team to the local fire station has enabled the team to remain in the town - dealing with the issues that are important to the local community.

In respect of the specific issue raised, the public contact point at the shared police and fire station was closed temporarily which prevented Mrs Leese from carrying out her public-spirited attempt to hand in some found property.

However local officers that work from the station, while not immediately available at the public counter, were quite properly available to the community on active patrol in the town.

Members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team have though visited Mrs Leese to reassure her and explain why the public contact point was closed on that particular day and to explain the number of other places where officers can be contacted throughout the week.

These contact points are really well supported by the local community and are ideal for non emergency matters or when someone just wants to discuss a problem. Full details of these can be seen on the Castleford NPT website.

As the local commander, I remain committed to delivering an accessible and professional service that makes our community safer and feeling safer.

Chief Superintendent Andy Battle

Wakefield District Commander