Letter - Why do we need development?

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I totally agree with M Lee (‘Stadium car concerns,’ Express Letters April 24 edition), why do we need/want another supermarket? There are already seven within a one-mile radius of the new site.

Why do we want anymore retail units when the ones over the road at J32 are not occupied fully and have not been for some time?

Do we need another petrol station? I don’t think so, there are four inside 800 yards.

Regarding the extra congestion on the surrounding roads, it will be horrific.

I foolishly once went in the car on a bank holiday to B&Q, a five-minute walk. It took me one hour 35 minutes to get back, that is typical of traffic on weekends and bank holidays. Weekdays are better but still congested.

I have to concede the stadium is much needed by the Tigers, but why build it where it will affect so many local residents?

The surrounding streets will become car parks on match days and hundreds of people using Stainburn Avenue and Park Road, as a thoroughfare to and from the ground, with some unsocial behaviour that goes with large numbers of supporters that have access to alcohol.

Build the new stadium, it is needed, but the original site over the road would not have such an impact on residents.

J Knowles

Stainburn Avenue

Glass Houghton