LETTER: Wild flowers at Hemsworth’s West End bring pleasure

In researching some family history, I recently visited Hemsworth, the place of my birth and childhood.

After checking a few details, I decided to wander up to the street in the West End where my grandmother and grandfather lived, in Town Street.

The last time I visited the streets was quite a depressing experience. They were mostly empty, half burned, graffiti-ridden and boarded up. A most unpleasant end to what had been a dignified and vibrant living space.

I rounded the corner with some trepidation only to be met with an unexpected, and very beautiful, sight.

The houses had all gone and the land left fallow apart from a small corner growing wild flowers.

It was a hot sunny day and the animated, colourful flowers danced and swung in the breeze. I had forgotten how lovely wild flowers are and really appreciated being reminded. I did take some photographs but none did the scene justice.

I asked a passing lady if she knew who had planted them and she said that children from the local schools had both planted and tended them.

Many years have passed since I was a schoolgirl in Hemsworth and the place has grown and changed: all my old schools are no longer there, for example, and everything seems so much smaller than I remember!

I do not know which schools or which children are responsible for the display of wild flowers but I would like to thank them for the efforts and for bringing such pleasure.

I hope they enjoy the project for some time to come.

Thank you children.

Pauline Calvert

Leeds Road

St John’s