Not the council that has ‘warped logic’

Mr Hardman writes to the Express apparently in disbelief that we are to pay our employees a living wage (October 3).

It is not our logic which is warped but his if he is seriously suggesting we should not do so.

I am sure that the majority of fair-minded readers would agree that working people should have a decent, living wage. We hope the council can set an example which other employers in the district will follow. By setting a local living wage we are doing the right thing by our lowest-paid employees, setting a basic hourly rate of £7.45 to help them keep pace with the cost of living.

A local living wage scheme is not only morally right but it also makes good business sense. The majority of people who will benefit are cleaners, catering assistants, school crossing patrollers, domestic assistants – all doing vital jobs to make life better for all of us. Most of them live in the district and spend money here.

It is nonsense to suggest that this is about making staff give that bit extra – they already do an excellent job.

I hope that other local employers will follow our lead. In addition we have resolved to campaign against zero hour contracts.

At present most people are finding the cost of living a real struggle. One million families have to get a payday loan to make ends meet and the Conservatives stand up for the energy companies who are making such huge profits.

Clearly Mr Hardman wants all this to continue. I don’t – and paying a living wage will go some small way to helping those struggling the most.

We are proud of what we are trying to achieve and anyone who disagrees with the idea of a living wage should be ashamed of themselves.

Coun Peter Box


Wakefield Council