Plea to axe housing plan

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OUR council is about to approve the development, on plot N51A between Ackworth Road and Hardwick Road, of over 200 houses on 20 acres of perfectly good grade two agricultural land capable of yielding 80 tonnes of wheat per year, and this is just the first phase.

This will potentially add 300 to 400 extra cars to an already heavily congested area of Pontefract.

As things are at the moment there is, by council monitoring statistics, an unacceptably high level of pollution between this area and the Town End traffic lights.

Children walking to school on Mill Hill Lane are subjected to these levels of pollution daily, the problem will be exacerbated by the addition of extra traffic.

More people die from pollution created by cars than are killed on the roads.

Does anyone with a child going to school in this area want them breathing this in on a daily basis and being put at risk of asthma, etc?

A pollution problem exists on Larks Hill too which is now used as a “rat run”

There are several good reasons why this should not go ahead, we do not have the infrastructure in place to cope with these new residents, insufficient school places, a hospital that can’t cope now! Additional pollution.

I would ask the council to act with a responsible attitude and reject this proposal, there are brown field sites available but it would not yield the best profit for the developers!


Maple Grove