Pledge to improve town

I WOULD like to thank all the electors of South Pontefract, Darrington and East Hardwick who voted in the recent council elections, especially those who contributed to a stunning Labour victory.

In particular I would like to thank my agent Tony Dean and the many members of our campaign team.

I will be joining Labour councillors from Pontefract, including, Tony Dean in South ward and Councillors Pat Garbutt, Clive Tennant and newly-elected Councillor Paula Sherriff from Pontefract North ward.

It is our intention to work hard for all the people of Pontefract and we will be holding advice surgeries in Pontefract for residents on a regular basis.

Despite the difficulties that will be encountered during the next four years due to the severity of the cutbacks which have been imposed by central government, I promise to do all I can to make Pontefract a better place to live for everyone and I am looking forward to working with many of you in achieving this aim.


Pontefract South ward