‘Proud’ of Featherstone councillors

ON May 9 I attended Featherstone Town Council’s annual meeting at Featherstone Town Hall, where a new mayor and deputy mayor were chosen by the councillors.

Margaret Isherwood was voted as mayor and Richard Taylor as her deputy.

There was a slimmed down agenda with a surprise that was unfolded – £20,000 was added to the council’s funds giving Featherstone a healty bank balance.

This is the second time this Labour council has saved us money and they also did not put the precept up for tax payers.

This cannot be said of our last council, with the precept gathering momentum until it was biting hard at the people and their taxes.

The people of Featherstone should be proud of these councillors for doing more with less at less cost to us and giving Featherstone a healthy bank balance.

I wish to commend the council for its sterling work and tenacity in getting more for less for the people of Featherstone without things looking shoddy, but expensive.


Little Lane