Scooter plea to Asda

I WOULD like to draw attention to something which happens on a regular basis.

I go to Asda on the access bus, we have one hour to do our shop, which is fine.

I get an Asda disabled scooter to go round the store on, which is fine when they are plugged in and switched on, which is not very often.

Also, they gradually keep being moved, til now the scooters are outside.

Asda don’t seem to care about disabled people. I have seen one person after another about the scooters not being charged up – it’s happened to my friend lots of times too.

When they had a greeter on the door there was no problem at all, but now it’s just a waste of time.

Asda blames teenagers because the scooters are outside. Why don’t they bring them inside somewhere they can see them and don’t get wet?

What the top man or woman doesn’t realise is one day they will be old and maybe disabled, who knows?



Barnes Road