Searching for Castleford parachutist

I’m French, I live near Bruneval where there was a British raid in February 1942.

I am compiling research about the Bruneval Raid (Operation Biting) and I’m trying too find every families of parachutists veterans who jumped at Bruneval.

I found several families who helped me write my a book along with Alain Millet titled ‘Raid de Bruneval et de La Poterie-Cap d’Antifer – Mystères et vérité’.

I have also written some articles about the raid too for French specialist magazines. I continue my research to make other biography articles.

I’m writing to the Express in the hope of contacting the family of the paratrooper John Willoughby who lived in Castleford after the war. During the war, he was caught at Bruneval by the Germans and passed the war in Stalag. Anyone with information can email me on or write to me on the address below. Many thanks.

Nicolas Bucourt

99 impasse des Guildins

76280 Heuqueville