Spending is ‘disgraceful and disgusting’

Last week yet again, Labour MPs in Yorkshire voted to continue funding for the HS2 high speed train network, which will be cutting through land near Ryhill, Havercroft and South Hiendley.

This, despite our own RATS (Residents Against Toxic Scheme) opinion poll showing that more than 85 per cent of constituents in the Wakefield district are opposed to the project, while 10 per cent “don’t know - don’t care” and only five per cent think it would be a good idea, but only if the country can afford the scheme.

In 2010 Labour Party MPs voted to close our local post offices despite massive objections from their constituents and leaving the old, weak and vulnerable without a decent local service, whilst voting to give billions of pounds to save private banks.

Despite mass protests from trade unions and the public, the Labour Party voted to pursue Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) for the NHS – which has left Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust slashing services to battle millions of pounds worth of debt.

In the last year of Labour controlled government, our MPs yet again voted to build a centralised system of fire control centres costing the taxpayer billions of pounds – against the advice of the public and the Fire Brigades Union. These control centres have stood empty ever since they were built, were never fit for purpose and are costing us the tax payer thousands of pounds a day to keep empty whilst the PFI firm continues to draw our hard earned cash. All this, while we don’t have enough money to fully support our social services.

In a democracy surely it is the duty of our MPs to represent the views of the vast majority of their constituents, not their own self-opinionated ideology, which has in the past cost us countless billions of pounds, while at the same time our MPs continue to live a life of luxury that we can only dream of.

One has to ask why this disgusting and disgraceful situation continues unchallenged ?

Answers please on the back of a brown paper envelope, to RATS.

Paul Dainton

President of RATS

Lodge Drive