Thanks for Mark’s ‘tireless work’

AS a resident in Pontefract South ward, I wish to express my gratitude to Mark Crowther for the work he did on our behalf while serving as our representative on Wakefield Council.

He worked tirelessly to maintain and improve those everyday things which are essential for providing a healthy and happy environment.

He was always there and supportive when our interests were in jeopardy, such as the threat to our post office and the building of a wind farm in the district.

His leadership and organising skill was outstanding and vital to our success in repelling the threat.

I commiserate with Mr Crowther as his rejection was not because of any failure on his part, but due entirely to a protest vote against the Conservatives.

It was unfortunate that he had to submit himself for re-election at this moment in time, when his party’s unpopularity stems from their efforts to rescue the country from the economic mess left by the Labour government.

Mr Crowther can be proud of his achievements while in office and will always be remembered as the saviour of our post office.