Watching our Ps and Qs

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I find myself agreeing with Ian Clayton (Express, August 1), there’s nowt wrong wi’ regional accents.

As a poet who has recited in America where they love the variations of English accents, particularly the Yorkshire accent, I think it adds colour to any language. My claim to fame on this issue is in 2011 in a Texas Sculpture Park when during lunch with friends one of them received a call on her mobile. When asked who was there she mentioned me among the group, her friends reply was “Trev from England I just love his accent, let me talk to him” and she did for twenty minutes. I in turn loved her Texan drawl. To do away with our accents we would become little more than stereotypes, which may well be what certain narrow minded people want.

I would prefer to hear something well read and continuous in a regional accent rather than so-called Queen’s English with what is now becoming standard – the vocal break. I mean ‘errm’ when there is ‘ummm’ a vocal ‘errm’ pause. I have noticed this is becoming more prevalent with announcers and certain interviewees on both TV and radio.

Perhaps the worst so-called ‘correct speakers’ are those who continue to pronounce drawing as ‘drorring’ or talk about ‘lor and order’. But then again, wrong pronunciation hasn’t done Jonathon Woss any harm and is there anyone who remembers former 1970s Calendar reporter Edwina Tarpley ‘weporting fwom Gwimsby or the Wiver Twent’?

Trevor Wainwright

Lower Oxford Street