We can all help our communities

In reply from the letter from Leslie Thirlwell in Express November 28, regarding cold calling zones, may I beg to differ with the remarks made.

There are actually such zones in the Wakefield area, including several in Pontefract and Knottingley. I for one set up a zone on the Warwick Estate covering Cherrytree Avenue, Hazel Road, Hawthorne Avenue, Cedar Walk and Sycamore Avenue.

A new zone is now being set up at the lower end of Knottingley. So how can it be that Wakefield Council, Wakefield and District Housing, the NPT and Neighbourhood Watch are not doing anything?

It only needs someone to start this off. It’s not difficult, but you do need at least 60 per cent of residents to sign up to it.

If I had the stamina I would love to be able to run the scheme over a wider area of the estate. I cover more than 100 houses under the Neighbourhood Watch umberella. More members are needed so we can have smaller satellite watch schemes – therefore ‘no cold calling’ zones – but it needs help.

Please don’t say we are not doing anything – the council, WDH, the NPT and Neighbourhood Watch are here and more than willing to help.

But we can’t be everywhere to achieve everything without your help.

If you would like more information on setting something up please telephone 01977 678944.

Hazel Richardson


Neighbourhood Watch

Warwick Estate