We need more information about Pontefract plans

There has been a lot of concern shared in the Express about the traffic congestion at Town End and the proposed relief road to the north-east of Pontefract.

There are several pieces of information that Councillor Peter Box should put into the public domain via this newspaper so that the poeple of Pontefract can make informed comments on the council’s proposals.

Firstly, provide the current traffic census information for all of Pontefract and, in particular, Town End.

Secondly, provide the future predicted traffic flows for the same areas as above after the Prince of Wales site development, the impact of the new relief road, the extra volumne of traffic anticipated for new housing developments in south west Pontefract and Featherstone.

Thirdly, explain how the proposed link road will link in with the current road networks.

Fourthly, what proportion of commercial traffic is anticipated to create the north-to-south and west-to-east crossings through Pontefract?

All the information supplied should be backed up by statistical data rather than descriptive narrative.

I feel sure that the residents of Pontefract will look forward to analysing this information.

Brian Turner

Mill Hill Lane