‘What are we voting for?’

WITH this year’s council elections fast approaching, I think it’s worth asking what exactly we will be voting for on May 3.

Many people within the Labour Party privately believe that this year they will sweep the board, securing a massive majority on Wakefield Council.

But before we all go out and vote, shouldn’t Labour at least stand up and tell us exactly what they plan do with this massive majority?

Look at both the Conservative Party and the Green Party; I completely disagree with what they believe in, but at least they’re open and honest about what they think.

In UKIP we’re outlining the most radical spending plans our district has ever seen, calling for hundreds of thousands of pounds to be moved from unnecessary council spending to protect the front line services our communities depend on. But what do we hear from Labour? Not a great deal at all.

Labour councillors like to talk about ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’, but what does that mean when it comes down to your local community centre or your council tax bill? We can’t just let Labour in because they’re ‘not the Tories’. People deserve better than that.


UKIP Airedale and Ferry Fryston