Adam spares Pontefract’s blushes

Adam Routledge won the final game.
Adam Routledge won the final game.

Pontefract Chess Club struggled before they overcame bottom team Harrogate C 4½-3½ in Yorkshire Chess League Division Two.

Harrogate had only seven players and gifted Pontefract’s Bill Pinder a default point.

Harrogate soon levelled when Pontefract’s Chris Roche, who was down a bishop in a pawn ending, couldn’t stop a pawn promotion.

Steve Spencer put Pontefract back ahead with a well-played rook pawn ending.

Peter Cooper, with even material in a knight-bishop endgame, accepted a draw.

Although Steve Parker’s opponent arrived late he put up a good fight until he fell for a strong bishop rook attack on king which saw Steve win the game.

Pontefract’s Norman Carr looked in command until he lost to a complicated forced mate.

Dave Parton, with bishop and knight versus only a rook and pawns, missed a passed pawn and lost, leaving the scores level.

Adam Routledge spared Pontefract’s blushes by winning the final game.With both players in time trouble, he won with a brilliant blitz.