Champions scrape victory at Vulcan Club

Wanderers won 74-70 at RAFA Vulcan Club.
Wanderers won 74-70 at RAFA Vulcan Club.

DEFENDING CHAMPIONS Wanderers have a two poinnt lead in Five Towns Quiz League Division One after scraping a 74-70 win at RAFA Vulcan Club on Monday night.

Division Two leaders Crofton WMC won 78-64 at Leading Ladies.

RESULTS - Division 1: Featherstone Phoenix 62, Olde Taverners 76; RAFA Vulcan Club 70, Wanderers 74; Railwaymen 53, Last Orders 83. Division 2: Leading Ladies 64, Crofton WMC 78; Little ‘Un 49, Kippax Ex-Service 68; G-Fivers 72, Rockin’ Gladiators 71.

POSITIONS - Division 1: Wanderers played 11, won 10, points 20; Flanagan’s Army 11-9-18; Olde Taverners 11-7-14; RAFA Vulcan Club 12-4-8; Last Orders 11-4-8; Railwaymen 11-3-6; F/stone Phoenix 11-2-4. Division 2: Crofton WMC 12-11-22; Golden Lion Dudes 11-9-18; G-Fivers 11-6-12; Kipppax Ex-Service 11-6-12; Rockin’ Gladiators 11-5-10; Leading Ladies 11-2-4; Little ‘Un 11-0-0.

The draws for cup ties to be played on February 20 are:

Knock-out Cup (round two): Featherstone Phoenix v Last Orders, Flanagan’s Army v Olde Taverners, Golden Lion Dudes v Wanderers. Plate Knock-out (round one): Kippax Ex-Service v G-Fivers, Little ‘Un v Crofton WMC, Rockin’ Gladiators v Leading Ladies. Bye: RAFA Vulcan Club.