Former Leeds United captain reveals why he has left Pontefract

Brendon Ormsby. Picture: IAN HARBER
Brendon Ormsby. Picture: IAN HARBER
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BRENDON Ormsby has blamed financial pressures at Pontefract Collieries for his shock departure from the manager’s job.

The former Leeds United captain and Aston Villa and Doncaster Rovers player ended his 22 month stint at the White Rose Stadium when he left the club by mutual consent ahead of last Saturday’s game against Albion Sports.

Ormsby’s assistants, Duncan Bray and Nick Handley, have taken over the management of the team with their appointment being made on an interim basis, with a view to a permanent move.

In a short statement the club, meanwhile, have thanked Ormsby for his efforts during his time at the club and wished him every success for the future.

He took over in February, 2011 with Colls narrowly missing out on promotion in his first period in charge and then in his first full season. This term they have suffered from inconsistency, but although eighth at the time of the managerial change they remain in touch with the promotion contenders.

But results were not the main reason for his departure, according to Ormsby.

He told the Express: “It’s mainly to do with the financial side of the club.

“Things were coming to a head in trying to keep to a budget. Certain things were cut with the players and I was doing everything I could to keep the wages down.

“I had already spoken with Guy (Nottingham) the chairman about possibly cutting down from five to three on the bench as.when you have five the other two who don’t get on still get paid. I offered as well to take a pay cut to help the club to stay within the budget.

“In the end it got to the stage when I was having to look at the team before I could pick it to see who was on what before I could select the side. I couldn’t pick certain players because that would push it over the budget. But don’t get me wrong, the players weren’t earning a lot of money, it was just basic stuff.

“I felt I was being restricted from picking the team I wanted to on ability.

“The squad I had were all good players, there’s some good experienced lads and some good young lads just coming through so none of them would let me down, but obviously I wanted to pick the team that I wanted to play and couldn’t because of financial restrictions.

“I had a chat with Guy and that was the reason why financially he let me go.”

Ormsby is glad of the experience of managing the club and enjoyed his near two-year stint in charge.

He said: “I’m sad to leave and I’m disappointed with the way it ended, but I wish the club all the best for the rest of the season and for the future. I hope they pick up points very quickly.

“I’ve had 22 months there and I’ve enjoyed it. I would rather play than be a manager, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge and I’ve still got passion for the game.

“I got carried away a bit at times. I’ve been sent off three times and I’ve got the highest sending off of record amongst anyone at the club. I’m not proud of that, but it’s me being too passionate about the game and getting carried away abusing the referee or linesman. I do apologise afterwards and I don’t mean it.

“I’ve enjoyed my time at the club. I’ve learned a lot about myself, I’ve learned a lot about people and a lot about non-league football.

“I’ve met some great people at the club, really honest, hard working people who wanted to push the club forward in the right direction, which is what we were all trying to do at the end of the day, to make it a better club for everyone.

“It’s been great working with everyone at the club and the whole set of players I’ve had have been great. I’ve made a lot of friends for a lifetime to come, both on and off the pitch with the players and the people at the ground.”

Ormsby acknowledged that he had not quite delivered on the promotion aim, even if the club had not been far away.

He added: “We went close to promotion in my first full season, but I think last January killed us.

“We were doing very well and then we played Handsworth at home and were 2-0 up at half-time. I told the players not to do anything silly and in the first minute of the second half my keeper gives a penalty away and gets sent off. Then we lose it 3-2.

“Overall for the first season with me in charge and the lads coming together people would say we had a very good season, but from my point of view it could have been better.

“It’s all ifs and buts, but if we had have won that game against Handsworth we might have gone on to win promotion. It knocked the stuffing out of us and it took us a while to get back on track.

“We were hoping to go one or two better this season, but it’s been ups and downs as you have in football.”