Away leg defeat costly for Castleford

Castleford lost the away leg 23-5.
Castleford lost the away leg 23-5.

Castleford and District Veterans Bowling Association lost 34-22 to Skipton in Friday’s inter district match.

Castleford had five winners in the home leg at Pontefract BC which they won 17-11.

But they had just one winner in the away leg at Silsden playing fields which they lost 23-5.

Today (Friday) the association’s ladies singles merit tournament is at Rothwell BC (11am scratch).

There are 20 entrants so far and further entries will be accepted on the day.

There is prize money down to the quarter finals, with £40 for the winner.

Edward Parker won the association’s singles handicap competition at Valley Ridge on Thursday.

RESULTS - Quarterfinals: Dennis Hogg 21, Eric Greenough 16; Alice Pooley 21, Karl Curry 16; Edward Parker 21, Eunice Riding 12; Christine Sutcliffe 21, Keith Smith 18.

Semi-finals: Alice Pooley 21, Dennis Hogg 15; Edward Parker 21, Christine Sutcliffe 15.

Final: Edward Parker 21, Alice Pooley 16.

Latest Association results:

Premier Section: Hemsworth 126, Cas Town A 89; Allerton 99, Glasshoughton A 114; Smirthwaite A 123, Pontefract A 108; Queens Park A 109, Rothwell BC A 112; Garforth Rec A 99, Townvoille 112; Kippax A 113, Valley Ridge A 111.

Section A: Garforth CC 120, Colton A 92; Rothwell BC B 98, Ferrybridge A 103; Sherburn A 124, Kippax B 71; Hawhill Park A 126, Savile Park A 63.

Section B: Woodlesford 101, Garforth Rec B 95; Swillington B 94, Queens Park B 102; Aberford 120, Rothwell Park A 95; Pontefract B 126, Swillington A 61; Methley A 125, Valley Gardens A 95.

Section C: Valley Ridge B 110, Featherstone 73; Ferrybridge B 119, Smirthwaite B 94.