Bowlers battle it out at Ferrybridge

Ferrybridge Bowling Club will host the cancer pairs handicapped competition tomorrow (Sunday).
Ferrybridge Bowling Club will host the cancer pairs handicapped competition tomorrow (Sunday).

CASTLEFORD and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s cancer pairs handicapped competition will be played at Ferrybridge BC tomorrow (Sunday, 10am start and scratch).

Dress code applies.

The entrants are:

R Lloyd/S Thompson, D Thomas/S Williams, J Thomas/D Harrap (all Glahoughton), S Waite/T Murphy, S Portman/Ryan Lloyd, G Bickerdyke/S Bickerdyke (all Savile Park), M Mace/A Charlotte, J Shepherd/H Charlotte (all Pontefract), R Owen/J Collinson (Cas Town), D Dobson/L Dye (Ferrybridge/Cas Town), M Smith/J Smith (Hawhill), K Smith/C Lynch, A Wright/L Massey (all Townville), V Bradshaw/G Robinson (Ferrybridge/Glasshoughton), G Bradbury/D Bradbury (Ferrybridge), G Portman/J Swales, M Brain/E Parker (all Allerton), C Franks/K Day (Queens Park).

Hawhill Park have regained top spot in Castleford and District Veterans Association’s Section A.

They are five points clear of Magnet Sports who slipped to second after losing their latest match.

Rothwell BC A continue to set the pace in the Premier sectio. They are 19 points ahead of closest rivals Pontefract A.

Latest Castleford and District Veteran League positions:

Premier: Rothwell BC A played 10, won 8, points 1132; Pontefract A 10-6-1113; Ferrybridge A 10-7-1059; Valley Ridge A 10-5-1053; Smirthwaite A 10-6-1031; Cas Town A 10-3-1016; Glasshoughton A 10-4-990; Colton A 10-5-988; Garforth CC A 10-4-947; Garforth Rec A 10-2-946; Queens Park A 9-7-925; Tadcaster 9-2-870.

Section A: Hawhill Park A 10-5-1008; Magnet Sports 9-5-1003; Cas Town B 9-5-948; Sherburn A 9-5-945; Woodlesford A 9-6-944; Allerton 9-4-926; Savile Park A 9-5-921; Aberford A 9-3-892; Kippax 9-3-799; Townville 8-4-794; Pontefract B 8-4-738.

Section B: Swillington A 9-8-1088; Glasshoughton B 9-9-999; Rothwell Pk A 9-5-955; Valley Gardens A 9-4-935; Colton B 10-3-923; Manston Pk 9--4-881; Methley 9-3-869; Featherstone 9-4-862; Smirthwaite B 9-2-861; Ferrybridge B 9-4-860; Rothwell Park B 9-2-842.

Section C: Rothwell BC B 10-9-1134; Garforth Rec B 10-9-1123; Garforth CC B 10-6-1059; Valley Ridge B 10-5-1027; Swillington B 10-4-1013; Savile Park B 10-6-974; Queens Park B 9-5-968; Hawhill Park B 10-3-954; Woodlesford B 10-3-940; Sherburn B 9-5-933; Aberford B 10-3-932; Valley Gardens B 8-0-596.