Bowlers battle it out in qualifying matches

Robert Lloyd (Glasshoughton) is among 38 players who will compete in the gents individual qualifiers on Wednesday.
Robert Lloyd (Glasshoughton) is among 38 players who will compete in the gents individual qualifiers on Wednesday.

QUALIFYING matches for Castleford and District Crown Green Green Bowling Association’s annual festival will be played this week from Monday to Friday.

The festival finals are at Pontefract Bowling Club on Saturday and Sunday, July 16 and 17.

The qualifying ties start with the mixed pairs on Monday.

Two pairs will qualify from each of the four greens.

Allerton Bywater: Sarah Carroll & Roy Charlotte (Pontefract), Mick Harrop & Sharon Williams (Fryston), Harry Metcalfe & Gwen Hopps (Featherstone & Valley Ridge), Ellis Owen & A Wolfenden (Savile Park & Pontefract), Alwyn Beedel & Jeanette Brain (Cas Town & Glasshoughton), Ron Willett & Doreen Shipley (Glasshoughton & Garforth Rec), Andy Webb & Amanda Hagen (Cas Town & Ossett Flying Horse).

Hawhill Park: David Watson & Jennifer Hill (Pontefract), Robert Thomas & Amy Moxon (Glasshoughton & Queens Park), Mark Lewis & Sue Haigh (Glasshoughton), I Lewis & Norah Pitchforth (Savile Park), Eric Lunn & Sheila Proberts (Ferrybridge & Hawhill Park), Ray Robbins & Christine Sutcliffe (Glasshoughton & Methley), Craig Newton & Emma Charlotte (Smirthwaite & Pontefract).

Ferrybridge: Karen Portman & Robert Lloyd (Savile Park & Glasshoughton), John Coney & Nichola Portman (Savile Park), Stuart Thompson & Maureen Chambers (Glasshoughton), Michael & Sarah Hill (Pontefract), Richard Lewis & Nicolle Farrar (Savile Park & Garforth Rec), Ted Parker & Lynn Mattison (Allerton Bywater).

Valley Gardens: David Thomas & Pat Bell (Glasshoughton & Garforth Rec), Tony Chambers & Eunice Riding (Glasshoughton & Cas Town), Savo Morrison & Zoe Brain (Pontefract & Glasshoughton), Mark Mace & Jan Collinson (Savile Park & Garforth Rec), Dennis Dobson & Lynn Dye (Ferrybridge & Cas Town), Steve Portman & Pat Walton (Savile Park & Methley).

The gents pairs qualifiers are on Tuesday. Two pairs will qualify from each of the four greens.

Smirthwaite: JJ. Durham & S Morrison (Pontefract), Alan & Michael Lee (Valley Gardens), Harry & Dennis Metcalfe (Featherstone), Mark & Richard Lewis (Savile Park & Cas Town), Jake Durham & Danny Revell (Pontefract), David Thomas & Mark Brain (Glasshoughton).

Ferrybridge: Alan Box & Ken Peel (Smirthwaite), Craig Newton & John Webster (Smirthwaite), Michael Wood & Steve Derry (Featherstone), Mick Harrop & Daryl Harrap (Fryston), Mark Mace & Roy Green (Savile Park & Queens Park), David Dalton & Paul Eustace (Featherstone), Steve Portman & Ryan Lloyd (Savile Park & Glasshoughton).

Valley Gardens: Danny Moxon & Alex Wolfenden (Queens Park & Pontefract), Robert Thomas & Andy Webb (Glasshoughton & Cas Town), Michael Sherman & David Render (Allerton Bywater), Geoff & Malcolm Greenwood (Ferrybridge & Hawhill Park), Ted Parker & Paul Baddeley (Allerton Bywater), Ray Robbins & Brian Riding (Glasshoughton).

Fryston: Robert Lloyd & Stuart Thompson (Glasshoughton), Michael & M Hill (Pontefract ), A Beedel & S Williams (Cas Town), Sam Waite & Ron Owen (Queens Park), Roly Martin & Dennis Dobson (Townville & Ferrybridge), Paul Campsall & Roy Charlotte (Pontefact).

A total of 38 players will compete in the gents individual qualifiers which will held on Wednesday. One player will qualify from each of the eight greens.

Smirthwaite: Ray Robbins (Glasshoughton), Alwyn Beedel (Cas Town), Robert Lloyd (Glasshoughton), Sam Waite (Queens Park), Steve Newport (Cas Town).

Ferrybridge: Jake Durham (Pontefract), Savo Morrison (Pontefract), Danny Revell (Pontefract), Michael Lee (Valley Gardens), John Webster (Smirthwaite).

Townville: Mark Mace (Savile), David Watson (Pontefract), Stuart Thompson (Glasshoughton), Andy Webb (Cas Town), Robert Thomas (Glasshoughton).

Fryston: Alan Box (Smirthwaite), JJ Durham (Pontefract), David Thomas (Glasshoughton), Alan Lee (Valley Gardens), A Wolfenden (Pontefract).

Valley Gardens: Ron Owen (Queens Park), Steve Williams (Cas Town), Mark Lewis (Glasshoughton), Chris King (Pontefract), Mark Brain (Glasshoughton).

Glasshoughton: P Mountain (Fryston), Nathan Webster (Smirthwaite), Craig Newton (Smirthwaite), Michael Sherman (Allerton Bywater), Mark Hagen (Savile Park).

Savile Park: Michael Hill (Pontefract), Michael Firth (Kippax), Danny Moxon (Queens Park), Dennis Dobson (Ferrybridge).

Queens Park: Steve Portman (Savile Park), John Coney (Savile Park ), Ian Lewis (Savile Park), Ted Parker (Allerton Bywater).

There are 18 entrants for the ladies individual competition. Four will qualify for the finals from each of the two greens in Thursday’s qualifiers.

Ferrrybridge: Jennifer Hill (Pontefract), Karen Portman (Savile Park), Gwen Hopps (Valley Ridge), Lynn Dye (Cas Town), Ellis Owen (Savile Park), Kayleigh Kinsey (Savile Park), Jeanette Brain (Glasshoughton), Pat Stewart (Valley Gardens), Pat Bell (Featherstone), Pat Walton (Valley Ridge).

Queens Park: Maureen Chambers (Glasshoughton), Sarah Hill (Pontefract), Christine Sutcliffe (Methley), Barbara Wherrett (Ossett Flying Horse), Beryl Lumb (Cas Town), Sheila Proberts (Hawhill Park), Sue Haigh (Glasshoughton), Eunice Riding (Cas Town).

The ladies pairs qualifier is at Featherstone on Friday.

There are 13 entrants and eight will qualifiy.

Maureen Chambers & Jeanette Brain (Glasshoughton), *Amanda Hagen & Pat Bell (OFH. & Featherstone), Thelma Newbould & Mary Dean (Ferrybridge), Sheila Proberts & partner (Hawhill Park), Jennifer & Sarah Hill (Pontefract), Jan Collinson & Doreen Shipley (Garforth Rec.), Nicolle Farrar & Ellis Owen (Garforth Rec & Savile Park), Lyn Dye & Beryl Lumb (Cas Town), Eunice Riding & Zoe Brain (Cas Town), Pat Walton & Maggie Boyes (Methley & Woodlesford), Gwen Hopps & A Hargreaves (Methley & Valley Ridge), Karen Portman & Sue Haigh (Savile Park & Glasshoughton), Pat Stewart & Nichola Eustace (Valley Gardens & Featherstone).

*Denotes home bowler, handicap to be given.

All clubs are asked to try to provide a raffle prize for the Bowls Festival. They are asked contact league president Dennis Metcalfe on 01977-780006 to inform him what prize they are providing.