Bowlers battle it out to qualify for festival finals

Robert Lloyd is bidding to win the  gents individual title for the fourth successive year.
Robert Lloyd is bidding to win the gents individual title for the fourth successive year.

Qualifying matches for Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s annual festival take place next week.

The festival is sponsored by McTigue Funeral Directors. The finals will be at Pontefract Bowling Club on Saturday and Sunday, July 9 and 10.

All the qualifying matches start at 6.30pm.

Four pairs will qualify from each of the two greens in the mixed pairs qualifiers next Monday (June 13).

The entrants are:

Smirthwaite: K Smith/C Lynch, M Hill senior/S Hill, D Dobson/L Dye, D Thomas/M Chambers, E Parker/N Eustace, G Robinson/V Bradshaw, G Bradbury/C Lawrence, S Waite/K Day, J Varley/C Franks, M Harrap/T Edwards.

Hawhill: M Hill junior/E Charlotte, R Lloyd, K Portman, S Thompson/N Portman, S Portman/P Walton, M Sherman/E Riding, A Lee/P Bell, M Lawrence/D Bradbury, M Young/K Butterfield, A Webb/A Hagen, M Mace/A Charlotte.

The gents pairs qualifiers are next Tuesday (June 14) at Fryston and Townville, with four pairs qualifying from each green.

Fryston: D Dobson /G Bradbury, D Watson/C King, S Thompson/R Lloyd, M Young/C Young, A Webb/M Brain, E Parker/P Baddeley, J Swales/D Hogg, M Lawrence/G Greenwood, W Kemp/L Butterfield.

Townville: S Portman/G Portman, P Whipp/M Mace, K Smith/R Ayres, S Waite/T Hawkins, A Lee/D Rundle, D Thomas/J Thomas, G Robinson/A Box, D White/A Walstow.

Next Wednesday (June 15), the gents individual qualifiers will take place at Castleford and Featherstone.

Four bowlers will qualify from each green.

Rob Lloyd is aiming to win the title for a fourth successive year. He beat David Thomas 21-19 in last year’s final.

Castleford: D Thomas, M Lawrence, G Bradbury, Rob Lloyd, A Lee, M Brain, C Young, G Portman, D Watson, D Dobson, D Dalton, S Thompson, Mark Harrap, J Webster.

Featherstone: W Kemp, M Young, J Thomas, A Webb, P Baddeley, E Parker, J Shipley, M Hill junior, S Portman, J Sharp, S Waite, D White, A Box.

Eight bowlers will qualify from the ladies individual qualifier at Valley Gardens next Thursday (June 16).

The 13 entrants are:

L Dye, S Hill, A Charlotte, K Portman, N Portman, P Walton, E Riding, V Bradshaw, C Lawrence, D Bradbury, M Chambers, A Hagen, N Eustace.

Fryston will host next Friday’s (June 17) qualifiers for the ladies pairs competition when eight pairs will go through to the finals.

The entrants are:

C Lynch/T Edwards, K Portman/N Portman, J Collinson/E Riding, P Walton/M Croxall, V Bradshaw/L Dye, T Newbould/D Mattison, D Bradbury/C Lawrence, M Chambers/S O Else, J Brain/A Hagen, C Franks/K Day, N Eustace/P Hemmingway.